Keystone Strategies

Keystone Strategies is a nimble, upstart economic development consultancy where all of our strategies are built on one keystone – delivering the results that clients need to be successful. Larry and Richard bring a unique approach to serving their clients, based on years of experience in a variety of economic development settings. From a municipal perspective to regional collaborative development, Keystone’s principals bring a diverse wealth of experience to bear on delivering strategies that clients can use rather than just read.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are a municipality, an organization, or a business, you need a plan to guide your direction, help you achieve your goals, and measure your progress along the way. Keystone Strategies will work with you in developing your strategic direction, putting an action plan together to move towards your goals and set performance measures to monitor your progress. The strategic planning process will evaluate where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and what plan of action is needed to reach the desired goal.

Public Participation

The importance of engaging stakeholders, your partners, and the public cannot be overstated.  Specifically trained in public participation through IAP2, Keystone Strategies can help you better communicate, collaborate, involve, and empower those who can influence and support your success.

Business Planning

Business owners face challenge at all stages, whether it’s during start up or when you’re looking to grow and expand. Keystone Strategies’ business planning process will review existing operations and challenges, examine opportunities and challenges, and work towards achieving desired outcomes. We’ll work with your leadership team to get an action plan in place and achieve results.

Community Assessments

It’s well known that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. In order for your community to have an independent understanding of how investors, company owners, future residents, and visitors view your municipality, Keystone Strategies can perform a complete assessment of your community. Is your community investment ready? Does it welcome visitors and new residents? Keystone Strategies will assess your community and develop an action plan to address any issues so that you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Business Counselling

Now more than ever, businesses are facing challenges. Keystone Strategies and their expert associates will work with you and your business to resolve issues, expand markets, secure funding, or tackle specific challenges, helping you work on your company, not in your company.

Public Presentations, Moderating, and Advice

From acting as Master of Ceremonies to moderating debates and forums, Keystone Strategies brings a professional and experienced team to your event. Maybe you’re looking for a one-time session for your community or business to address a current issue. Keystone Strategies can put together a presentation or series of presentations to address everyday challenges you may be facing. Our presenters are engaging, humourous, and deliver a clear message. Keystone Strategies can share advice and common practices that will benefit your audience and move your community or company forward.

Keystone Strategies’ diverse professional backgrounds and the vast network of associates we’ve developed over the past 30 years in municipal government and business consulting mean you’ll have access to a broad range of experts that are ready to assist you while exceeding your expectations. Call us today at (780) 217-5995 and find out how we can provide you with the strategy you need to succeed!