Understanding Economic Development

Ignite™ Presentation – Cooperative Economic Development

Presented at the Economic Developers Alberta annual professional development conference, this five minute presentation humorously points out what communities need to consider to be successful in cooperative economic development for any business, read about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the payroll.

Economic Development Lessons From My Two-Year-Old

I’ve learned a lot of things from my two-year-old son.  He’s taught me to take pleasure in the simple things like eating strawberries right from the garden or watching the garbage truck come down the lane.  He’s taught me that it takes exactly 37 seconds of unsupervised time to make a mess that takes exactly 37 minutes to clean up.  And he’s taught me that TV remotes don’t float.

Watching him grow has made me both a better person and a better economic development professional.

Here are a few important lessons both for two-year-olds and seasoned economic development practitioners alike…Read more.

Your Economic Development Strategy Is A Lot Like Curling

Curlers know that in order to execute the perfect shot you need three things: a place to go, a plan to get there, and lots of communication along the way.  Your economic development strategy is no different…Read more.